What's Up With Heated Gloves

My sister bought me some heated gloves for Christmas. You put em on, plug them into a USB port and voila, heat!

My hands are abnormally cold, and it can get pretty uncomfortable out in Massachusetts during the winter. These gloves are just what I need.

You can type freely, or pop the mitten cover over if you're extra chilly. They were only $13 off Amazon.

A few weeks ago, I bought some high end heated gloves, as the doctor recommended. They were upwards of $250.

Oof steep price, I thought, but worth the investment for my health.

Sike. They actually didn’t feel warm at all. A little heat could be felt, but nothing drastic- nothing worth that amount of money.

I ended up returning them. For now, I’m enjoying my cheap pair, and will be relying on the ever amazing instant hand warmers.

This got me thinking. . . aren’t things that are more expensive supposed to be better quality? Maybe I was expecting more from the priceyer ones because I paid more?

I feel like there is a moral to the story here, but I just can’t seem to grasp it.

Sometimes what works, just works.

. . even if it's cheap?

If the technology exists to make such a great product for so cheap, why couldn’t the more established high-quality brand make that happen too?

Who knows, maybe there's a well thoughtout process behind all of this, not meant to be understood by me.

If you found this post to be random, you're right. I'm doing a 30-day blogging challenge where I write freely, about anything at all. So just a heads up, you're bound to encounter some interesting, completely uncalculated ideas.

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It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)


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