Try This If You're Struggling to Find Your Passion

Updated: Jun 10

Alex Banayan, youngest bestselling business author in American history, shared this awesome 30 day challenge during his Third Door Mentor Sessions for anyone who is struggling to find their passion.

Here is how it works. . .

  • Get a brand new notebook

  • Carve out 30 minutes in your schedule for 30 days

  • Ask yourself these 3 questions every day & write down your answers!

#1 What filled me with enthusiasm today?

#2 What drained me of energy today?

#3 What did I learn about myself today?

If you have extra time, ask yourself why you wrote down those answers. Beware that around day 12 this will start to feel really annoying, but if you stick with it, at the end you will start seeing clues guiding you to your path. Try it out with me and let me know how it goes!

Best quote of the night:

"A lot of people have a hard time committing to one passion because they fear it will close the door on other options. Know that there is a part of you that is dying for you to shut all the other doors and go all in on something."

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