Today Is a New Day

Today is a new day! Whatever happened yesterday is in the past. If something awesome happened, hold onto the happy memory and let it propel you into a great new day. If something not so great happened, learn from it and move on to something even better.

I know I'm guilty of wasting my whole day all bent out of shape over something that happened the day before. I wonder how much time I've spent just thinking about something that doesn't even exist anymore. And what for?

It doesn't really help me in any way. What I've found to be most helpful in order to make the most out of each day and to not get caught up in your feelings about yesterday are these three things:

1. Figure out what is upsetting you and write it down

Sometimes we have something that is making us feel "off" yet we don't actually take the time to identify what it is. We just accept the story that we're in a bad mood. I like to call out what is irritating me. Then I write it down or record myself talking it out. I write about everything that is upsetting me to get it from my head onto paper. Once I find the root of my unrest, it becomes much easier for me to move on.

2. Radically change your physical and mental state

Once I've processed what I was holding onto from the past, I need a jumpstart. Once I get everything out of my head and onto paper, I need to do something to change my state of mind. This could be taking a shower, blasting some feel good music and dancing around, going for a run, or even just leaving the house. Watching TV or reading a book won't work. Find something that requires you to take an action, move your body, and automatically release feel good chemicals in you.

3. Go do something

After I jumpstart my new mental state, it's important that I have something positive to direct my energy into. In order to not continue thinking about that past event, I must have some sort of activity or task to do to keep me occupied. It's even better if I can have a plan for the whole rest of the day.

If something is upsetting you from yesterday, it's likely that even after doing the first two steps, your mind will revert to thinking about it. This is natural, but it's up to you to not let those thoughts consume you. Do what you can to keep yourself occupied, and if a negative thought pops back up, let it pass and move on.

Imagine you're floating in the sky, I know it's a little out there but stick with me. Think of a negative, unwanted thought as a dark cloud. If one comes into view, just rise above the cloud back into the blue sky. You don't have to sit there with that thought, just take your mind elsewhere and move on from it. If a positive, reasonable thought comes into your head, picture it like a white fluffy cloud. In your imaginary sky you can sit on that cloud and keep it around if you'd like.

This three step process has been super beneficial for me in the past few years. I have saved so much time by not letting what happened yesterday dictate what happens today.

Keep in mind that for something that had a bigger impact on you from your past, you'll have to repeat this process multiple times before fully healing. It makes sense that bigger issues are going to take longer to overcome.

Remember, today has the potential to be awesome. If something is annoying you from yesterday, go through these three steps and then move on to make the most out of TODAY!

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It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)


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