Questions Are The Secret to Selling Anything

Updated: Jul 5

The key to sales is not pitching, it's asking questions.

In pretty much any scenario, Elliott Bisnow recommends asking questions about whoever you are speaking with. People love talking about themselves, and when you are the one asking the questions, it builds your rapport.

In a pitching scenario. . .

Don’t go right in and pitch, start by asking questions. Say, "Before we get into this, can I just ask. . .” Put some humor into your conversation, otherwise it'll just feel like you're interrogating them.

You'll likely talk for an hour and after they've already decided they like you, they'll end up asking "Wait, what do you do?"

When interacting with a Prospect. . .

Ask your prospect questions to understand who they are and what they really want. Only once you have spoken for a while, then say you have the perfect thing for them.

When you want someone's time. . .

If you are using a cold email to reach out to someone, keep it short and find commonalities between both of you. Try something like this:

I've built [your project], and there aren't many [similarity] like us. Would love to chat. How’s your schedule next week?

How do you know what questions to ask?

Reignite your childhood curiosity. Ask what you would you want to know if you were 4 years old, don't try to Einstein it.

How Do You build rapport?

There are 3 types of questions to you can alternate between to build rapport.

Soft - What are your thoughts on X?

Neutral - Where are you going with X?

Breaking - So what are you doing to make X happen?

Elliott used this technique to invite Jeff Bezos to Summit Series. He asked Jeff's brother what their strategy was to connect with the next generation. When he responded it's been something they've wanted to do, but just haven't gotten around to it, Elliott asked:

Would it be helpful or interesting if you could interview your brother at Summit Series?

Best Quotes

"You can’t sell to someone if you just talk the whole time."

“The beauty of asking questions is that you don't have to know the answers”

"When you keep asking passionate questions, people give you more time."

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