• Breana Ang

The Importance of Integrity

Integrity: a word we've all heard of that doesn't get the attention it deserves. In anything related to business and achievement, integrity is essential for success.

Alex illustrates integrity with the flower versus the soil metaphor. The flower represents integrity, which is planted in the soil that is filled with your values, courage, faith, self-love, long term thinking, and internal validation. Essentially, integrity is a natural occurrence that happens in the right conditions.

Keep in mind that flowers of lying, cheating, and betrayal can bloom too if planted with soil of others' values, fear, guilt, insecurities, shame, no self-love, short term thinking, and external validation. Instead of focusing on the flower, focus on the soil.

5 Key Points on Integrity:

1. Your trustworthiness is an asset

  • Your reputation or trustworthiness is single biggest financial and career asset of your life.

  • Many successful people, like Warren Buffett, value and look for integrity in candidates when hiring. Deals will be called off at the last second if there is a lack of integrity.

  • Reputation takes decades to build, and only seconds to lose.

2. Everything will Resurface

  • Everything will come out eventually, especially in the digital age.

  • Live your life as if every moment were printed on the cover of The New York Times, send every text as if it were going to be screenshotted and posted on Twitter.

3. Low integrity Attracts Low Integrity

  • If you have low integrity, you will naturally begin to surround yourself with other people with low integrity.

  • The more people with good integrity that you start working with, the more people you will surround yourself with of integrity, and your own will grow.

4. Low Integrity Leads to Self-Hate

  • Low levels of integrity lead to nervous breakdowns, feelings of guilt and self-loathing, and other self-destructive behaviors. An absence of integrity may result in affairs, eating disorders, and addictions, even if you aren't aware of it.

5. A good conscience makes for a soft pillow.

  • What good is making a million dollars if you can't sleep at night?

  • Have faith in yourself, trust your long term plan, and don't worry about trying to impress others. Stick to your values.

  • Focus on the soil, the flower of integrity will take care of itself.

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