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The Hard Truth About Awkwardness

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Once you accept this hard truth, you’ll be well on your way to becoming less awkward.

You’re always going to experience awkward moments in life. It doesn’t matter how confident you become, how pretty you are, or even what college you get into. There will always be random weird situations you find yourself in.

If you try to avoid all awkward moments, you’ll miss out on the most amazing parts of life— like discovering what interests you, traveling to fascinating places, and meeting new people. Instead, arm yourself with self-improvement techniques, so you are resilient enough to get through anything.

awkward moments happen, and that’s okay.

By understanding awkwardness is a part of life, you won’t be so alarmed when embarrassing moments happen. You’ll be able to keep your cool if you’re in a sticky situation and handle it with ease. Don’t freak out; embrace it.