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Success Workshop for Teens with Maeve Ronan (Massachusetts)

* This blog post was written by Sebastian Colon, a workshop participant and aspiring writer.*

Quotes from participants:

“I learned that the key to success is to ask how successful people did it.” - Dana Warren

“I learned that real estate is really important to invest in.” - Priscilla Cruz

On July 13, 2021, Yankee Home hosted an entrepreneurship program for kids of the employees. It was open to anyone who wanted to gain new skills to apply to their futures. We had kids with visions that ranged from wanting to be the president, painters, all the way to their own boss and racecar drivers!

We started off by being told a great life story from Ger Ronan, the Owner of Yankee Home. He told us how he moved from Ireland with only $80 in his pocket all while bringing attention to one specific point: “Seek to understand before you are understood.”