Schedule Time For What Makes You Come Alive

Updated: Jun 10

In the Third Door Mentor Sessions today, we discovered How To Find What Makes You Come Alive. Tomorrow, we will cover How To Listen To The Inner Whisper, so get your questions ready!

Main Takeaway:

Schedule time on a regular basis for what makes you come alive.

  • Society is very good at teaching us to make time for tasks that lead to productivity, but rarely are we taught to prioritize what actually makes us come alive.

  • If you want to live a fulfilled life, you must ferociously protect experiences, people, places, and activities that give you a sense of spiritual aliveness.

  • Leave your phone off during this time: when your phone is on, other people's energy is your priority. Instead, make your own soul a priority during this sacred time.

Best quotes from Alex:

“When you have been in a rut for weeks, take that as sign that your mindset or lifestyle need to be re-examined. "

"If you want something to be a part of your daily life, you have to make the choice to make it happen."

"If you wait until you are 100% sure, you are going to miss the boat."


How do you differentiate between an adrenaline rush and what makes you come alive?

Alex believes that what makes you come alive should not be mistaken for adrenaline or thrill, as they are completely different. This got me thinking, I feel that what makes me come alive is directly linked to adventure and adrenaline.

Some of my best moments in life, where I feel most in tune with myself and with the universe, are when I do something bold that completely excites me. Maybe I'm not completely understanding the true meaning of "what makes you come alive," or maybe there are different ways of interpreting what that means for each of us.

I am curious what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

1.) What makes you come alive?

2.) Does it go hand in hand with adrenaline?

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