My Third Door Mentor Sessions Experience

When I first stumbled across Alex Banayan's post announcing that he was committing the next 2 months of his life to daily mentoring, I heard a whisper inside me burst out with joy.

Having gone numb after a cascade of traumatic events a few weeks prior, this was the first time I felt an emotion other than worry, confusion, and despair.

What I thought would be a good opportunity to learn from an author and speaker I admire, turned into something I never could have imagined.

In 40 days, I gained a new support system, learned about my demons, discovered a new sense of self, built meaningful friendships, and realized that I am valuable. An experimental daily Zoom call turned into a life changing experience, not only for me, but for hundreds of other individuals.

Though I would love to tell you about each person who made this group so special, and about every moment we shared together, sometimes our most sacred moments prefer to stay safe and cozy in the soul.

What I can offer, is a recap of each session for you to take advantage of, as well as the three of the most important lessons I learned over the past two months.

1. It's okay to be vulnerable

Not only is being vulnerable okay, it is necessary in order to succeed. Becoming the best version of yourself requires looking deep within you to understand where your shame, guilt, and fear come from. There's a broken part of you waiting to be seen, so that you can heal.

Though you must be the one to initiate this discovery, it's not a journey meant to be taken alone. Opening up to people you trust is the most valuable part of the whole process. In doing so, others will be able to relate to you in a much more meaningful way.

2. Perfectionism is Holding Me Back

I've always known I was a perfectionist, ever since grade school. I thought that meant I was a hard worker who was bound to succeed, as long as I paid my weekly dues in the form of panic attacks.

As it turns out, perfectionism has the power to hijack my entire perception of myself, which results in much graver consequences. Getting to the root of my perfectionism is the key I've needed for years. I'm excited to see what I will learn on this new path to understanding.

3. Real friendship exists

I have become very familiar with fleeting friendships over my lifetime. The type of friendships where you think you are close in the moment, but then a life change happens and you never keep in touch.

I always thought that meant that there was something wrong with me. Driven by a lack of trust, I resorted to keeping friends at surface level at all times. What I've realized throughout this mentorship experience is that I was never unworthy of friendship, I was just surrounded by the wrong people.

It gives me comfort to know that I am now connected with such beautiful souls from around the world who will always be rooting for me, as I for them.


Once we believe in ourselves and feel supported by those around us, we are free to actualize our dreams.

Thank you Alex Banayan for creating the Third Door Mentor Sessions, and thank you Cal Fussman for guiding Alex to step into his full potential.

To my Third Door Tribe, I love you.

To anyone else reading this, never lose hope. An experience could pop up tomorrow that may change everything. You aren't alone, my door is always open.

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