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It's the Depression for Me: I Am On A Mission

I wrote this introduction for my debut book a while ago while interviewing accomplished people from around the world. I didn't end up using it in the final book, but it so clearly describes what inspired me to write It's the Depression for Me. If you're curious about what the book is about, keep reading, you may find something that resonates with you too.

We all have our own stories. Many of us think life is the way it is, set in stone by our circumstances. We adopt stories that other people tell us, like that we’ll never amount to anything because there are too many odds stacked against us. I used to fall prey to this lie.

The lie that I had no control in how my life turned out. I thought success was determined by your innate qualities and static environment. However, after reading countless self-improvement books and interacting with hundreds of people who have shared their stories of perseverance, my beliefs have changed.

In 2018 I traveled to Ireland, Thailand, and Bali, interviewing people with incredible stories of how they fought through adversity to create a life they knew they deserved. After hearing their experiences and going through my own journey, my views on what is malleable in life have changed. I now believe that every single person has the opportunity to improve his or her life.

improve verb

im·​prove | \ im-ˈprüv \