I Listen to this Playlist Every Morning

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

This playlist plays a huge part in getting me out of bed in the morning. If I had no encouragement in my ear telling me to make today count, I'd probably just sleep in.

The playlist is a compilation of motivational and self improvement speeches. Each is filled with inspirational music and powerful quotes.

I started listening to motivational videos in the morning about 2 years ago when I was living in Dublin, Ireland. I had just taken a leave of absense from college, moved to a new country, and couldn't land a job yet.

I needed something to get me out of bed in the morning. During that time, my own self-discipline was not very great, so I had to rely on external factors to help me.

For a while I put those videos on once in a while, when I felt I needed them. In 2019 however, I realized that I need to listen to them every single day. It's important to fill your head with positive and successful words even when you're feeling great.

Self improvement is like exercising. It's not something you just figure out and then you're good to go. You have to keep practicing and training your mind to stay in shape and continue to grow.

If you need a little extra push in the morning, get in the habit of just pressing play on this playlist as soon as your alarm goes off.

Let me know, what are some of your fav motivational/inspirational videos or playlists?

Here's the playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2uZCuAdJKKjjLCbL3NjdVQ?si=UdCAFVjFR8ONECyOyX2PgA

It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)

It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)

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