How to Get Your Dream Job in 3 Steps

How did Alex Banayan, at 19 years old with no experience in venture capitalism, get a job as a venture capitalist? Well, he certainly didn't do it the normal way. Instead, he used these 3 steps.

1. Never wait in line

Alex says that if you are sending your resume cold to a job, you've already lost. Be creative and connect with people to find job opportunities. Build your well before you need it: make connections, study up on people involved at the company, use cold emails, run in thunderstorms.

2. Do the 80/20 Swap

Do a ton of research on the person interviewing you and just ask a bunch of questions about them. You want to flip it so that they end up talking 80% of the time while you 20%. Let your genuine fascination shine through. Ask questions for as long as possible, it will get the interviewer to like you as a person. Try this:

"I know this is embarrassing, but I have been reading a lot about you and I'm just dying to know before the interview starts how did you ______?"

3. Be Courageously Yourself

If you don't know the answer to a question, be honest. Most people have pretty strong BS radars, so just be yourself. You can say:

"Honestly, I have no idea, but if you give me a couple of hours, I'll get the answer for you right away."

Keep in mind that with most jobs, you don't need to be an expert going into the job. People hire based off of character and kindness more often than not.

This post is in relation to Alex Banayan's Third Door Mentor Sessions.

Topic for Friday 7/3: Last day! Share which session had the biggest impact on you.

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