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How To Get Luckier (5 Ways)

Updated: Jun 3

Four leaf clovers, lottery tickets, and fortune cookie sayings. These are just a few common superstitious emblems that many believe will bring good luck. Want to know the principles behind the success of people like business tycoon, Warren Buffet, or American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, being praised for her musical accolades? Find out below.

5 Ways to Get Luckier

1) Ferociously focus on what you can control

  • In any given situation, you can control two things: how you act and how you create connections with people.

  • Spend your energy on what you can control and be extremely deliberate on what you can’t control.

  • Wherever you are, make the best of the situation - the rest will work itself out.

2) Be prepared for any opportunity that comes

  • In the words of former executive Microsoft executive, Qi Lu, “Luck is like a bus. If you miss one, there’s always the next one. But if you’re not prepared, you won’t be able to jump on.”

  • If you miss your chance, always know that there is another one coming. However, continue to prepare yourself to jump on that next bus, even if you missed the last one.

3) Tell yourself you are lucky

  • The brain has filters, and people who consider themselves lucky are more likely to notice opportunities.

  • It is up to YOU to train your brain what to focus on. According to Alex, this is the most important and practical one out of the 5 tools.

  • To do this you can create a vision board and place it in a spot in your place where you see every day, such as your bedroom wall or phone background.

4) Place yourself where the most opportunities naturally exist

  • As they say, if you want to be struck by lightning, chase the thunderstorm.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people and those who have already made it in the industry you want to pursue.

  • Go where the action is, online and physically.

5) Follow your inner whisper

  • This one isn't scientifically proven, but Alex believes that more you listen to your inner whisper, the luckier you will get.

  • If there’s 20 logical reasons to not go for it, but something tells you to take the step anyways, go for it - these decisions will change your life the most.

When you feel like you’re not getting your break, apply these 5 concepts as often and as needed.

Quote of the Night

“You can’t drive looking through the rearview mirror.”

Written by Mia Manipud | Instagram: @mia.meets.world

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