How to Be More Creative

We've all been in a creative rut at some point, here's a checklist of 7 things you can use to amp up your creativity.

1. Enjoy an art form outside of your goal

  • Find something you don't usually do, like an art class, to try. This helps work your creativity muscle and to connect with your soul.

2. Find a creative soulmate

  • Connect with someone who has a different perspective than you, and who you can completely trust their taste

  • The merging of two different worlds will create something incredible

3. Keep creating, even if it sucks

  • When you first start being creative, you will need to "empty the gunk out of the faucet" before you will get clean water

  • Write 100 shitty stories, so you can start writing good ones

4. Feed your mind with excellence

  • Find your Michael Jordan to look up to and get inspiration from

5. Have a container

  • Carry a notebook and pen around with you everywhere for your ideas

  • Have a writing session or creative space that you go to on a regular basis

6. Capture lightning

  • Once your creativity starts flowing, do not ask the idea to wait a minute, record it in the moment!

7. Take a break and go have fun

  • If you are at your wits end, take a break and reignite your soul. Have some fun!

Creativity Resources

Ed Sheeran's Documentary 'Songwriter'

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

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