Find a Mentor with These 5 Steps

Updated: Jun 21

Mentorship has become a buzzword lately. We hear about how important finding a mentor is, but how do you actually get one? Here's how.

1. Don't ask someone to be your mentor

  • When someone hears the word "mentor" they immediately think huge time commitment

  • Mentorships happen naturally and slowly, someone can be your mentor without you both having agreed on that label


2. Start with small Questions

  • Ask people who you would like to be your mentor simple questions, like about book recommendations

  • Thoughtful questions that can be answered in only a few sentences are a great place to start

  • Doing this helps you climb the "yes ladder," where you can gradually build up to getting help with more meaningful tasks


3. Show You Are Taking Action

  • Mentors only want to spend time with mentees who will actually listen to and act on the advice they give

  • If someone gives you a book recommendation, read it, and then get back to them with a thank you and insight on how the book influenced you

  • When you execute a mentor's advice immediately, this shows them that you are a go-getter and will make them want to help you even more

4. Know Your Value

  • Understand why a mentor would want to spend time with you

  • According to Will McDonough, there are three reasons a mentor would want to spend time with you:

1. They see a part of themselves in you (Kindred spirits)

2. They want you to be more like them (Want to help improve you)

3. They want to be more like you (Want to share your energy)

  • Once you understand this, it will help you find people who will want to invest in you and your growth

5. Be Open to Different Types of Mentors

  • A mentorship can take many different forms, and most don't require talking to the mentor all that much

  • A mentor is someone who fuels a specific part of your passion and who helps you be better, and how they do that will differ for each person

  • Even someone who gives you a single piece of advice or has an impactful audio book that changed your life can be considered a mentor

This post is in relation to Alex Banayan's Third Door Mentor Sessions.

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