Embracing Grief During Loss

Grief is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Today, during the Third Door Mentor Sessions, we got some good insight on how to better interact with our grief.

Many hold the myth that if we don't experience grief, then it's not there. That's just not true, it will show up at some point. Accept that and do your best to allow yourself to feel.

Here are 6 insights to keep in mind while grieving:

  1. Be willing to talk about difficult things

  2. Spend more time listening

  3. Take time for self-care

  4. Be kind to yourself

  5. Be patient with yourself

  6. Reach out for help

How can you best help someone else who is grieving?

Your act doesn't matter, it's your presence that matters.

Make sure you are continuously filling your own cup while you are taking care of others. Your cup needs to be full in order to spread love with those around you. Keep in mind that having a full cup is the idea, but it may not the reality; your cup will always be varying from half full to half empty and that's okay.

This post is in relation to Alex Banayan's Third Door Mentor Sessions.

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