Does High School Ever End? (YES!)

I remember sitting alone in the high school cafeteria, feeling miserable, thinking that I would be stuck in that school forever.

I couldn't wait to get out of high school, but it seemed like I always had years ahead of me before graduating.

It felt like high school would never end.

When people told me, "It goes by quick, you'll miss it." I would roll my eyes. Each day felt like it went by so slowly.

If you're in this position now, I can tell you that high school does end! And that life gets way better and more exciting.

In this video you'll learn what to do if you are wishing for high school to be over. I share my personal experience and give you a pep talk to get you through those long school days.

Try and do your best to enjoy it while you can, but just know that there's a whole life ahead of you where you can become a totally new person.

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