Could This Really Be Better than College and Free?

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Have no idea what you want to do with your life? Don't worry, I have just the thing for you.

As a teen, pressure from guidance counselors, coaches, and parents on choosing what to do after high school can be super overwhelming.

You may have never had a job before, yet these boomers expect you to choose your life career path. Say what!?

Turns out, it's normal not to know what you want to do. Of the 100+ successful people I've interviewed for my book (now available!) It's the Depression for Me, all of them have said that it's okay to explore for many years before finding your calling.

One of them is Tim Chermak, marketing expert and founder of Platform. When we spoke, he shared the most transformational way to figure out what you're good at and what you actually like.

Be an apprentice.

Tim says he's "a huge fan of finding an interesting company, opportunity or person that you can mentor under and apprentice with."

We're not talking coffee intern here. Let 'em know you'll work a normal job, and they don't even have to pay you. While it might seem a little crazy to work without getting paid, the value you'll get out of that experience will pay off.

Plus, this is the perfect way to build practical skills and gain awesome mentors, for FREE. Some people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for theoretical lessons at college. Imagine if you could be out there actually learning the tricks of the trade for $0.

"A person who does that for 4 years in a row is going to be so much further along in their career than someone who goes and pays for their college degree." - Tim Chermak

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I do believe college is the right move for some and not for others. Either way, apprenticeships are a great way to supplement your learning.The best part about all of this? Other than learning a whole lot, you'll be more seriously considered for a paying role at that company once you've demonstrated your worth.

While I've never had a formal apprenticeship, I've found that volunteering and interning, which are of a similar nature, were extremely helpful in my journey. One of my experiences, interning with Girls Inc during the summer of 2017 was especially noteworthy.

Working with middle schoolers from low income households was a huge learning experience for me. Spending time with those girls over 4 weeks showed me how much of an influence positive mentorship can have, even just from sharing my own story and wisdom.

From that one opportunity, I now know that there are young people out there who want to hear what I have to say, and that with the right mentorship, their entire life could change for the better.

If you know a young person in your life, even if they seem like they've got everything together on the outside, share this with them. You never know if someone might need a little extra support and guidance.

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If one internship could influence me that much, an apprenticeship could definitely shake up your whole life. Hello Summer 2020, let's come up with your game plan and make this happen.

1. Research

Look for companies and types of roles that seem interesting to you.

2. Reach Out

Contact someone at the business and propose your apprenticeship idea.

3. Apprentice

Make it happen, do the work, and learn a whole lot.

4. Reflect

Determine what you liked and what you didn't like from the experience.

5. Next Steps

Act on what you learned: apply for a paying role there or get a new, different apprenticeship

There's no timeline to having everything figured out. As long as you keep exploring and trying new things, each day you will get closer to figuring out what you're meant to do.

Have questions, comments, concerns? Share them in the comments below or reach out to me via social media or email. I'm always here as a resource for you on your journey to greatness.

It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)

It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)


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