Almost Crushed By Tree at Outdoor Movie

“Who wants these tickets? Anyone? Come up and get them! First come first serve,” the radio announcer sternly shouts, jaded from hosting for two hours in the 90° Boston heat.

A dad type guy slothily makes his way up to the stage and nonchalantly waits for the tickets.

“They’re yours. Alright I’m going to do another commercial, then I’m done like dinner.”

“Well this guy isn’t very engaging with the audience,” I share with my friend and sister lounging beside me on our quilt protecting us from the prickly grass below.

“Anyways, cheers!” I say as we clink glasses, filled up with sweet tea from the free sample booth promoting their new flavor. The smooth pink refreshment, the perfect antidote for the humidity, glides through my lips.

In moments the host’s table and vendors have packed up and are nowhere to be seen. The warm summer air engulfs the crowd, steadying us for the movie we’re about to watch. The sun falls gracefully behind the city as the sky morphs into a mixture of oranges and pinks.

Nature flaunts its beauty for the crowd of New Englanders just before the real show begins. The inflatable screen is primed for viewing under the Memorial Hatch Shell, waiting to display Marvel’s Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.

“What was up with that announcer? He did not want to be her—


I whip my head around, expecting to see a firework exploding, but instead I’m met with a tree branch tearing itself away from it’s base. The heavy log lands with a thud, inches away from a baby stroller. The family in the tree-falling-zone duck their heads and shuffle a few inches forward.

I rotate in shock looking for cues from the crowd.

“Oh my god! Did that really just happen?”

“It just missed that family,” my sister says.

“That could have been really dangerous if anyone was under that tree,” my friend says.

The mob of movie watchers all sigh in relief and enjoy the temporary rush of adrenaline we’re all feeling. Many flock to the scene, either to be nosey or to help, who’s to say. The police march over to handle the situation and in minutes have the area blocked off with barricades.

Everyone picks up our previous conversations and temporarily forgets the blip of a tree fall. Yet, moments later we see a man taking large strides towards the tree with chainsaw in hand.

“Geez, they’re efficient. They’re gonna cut the whole thing down now.”

BuuuZZ WhaAAckk ChrAShh Slidee BuuZZ

Moments later, Spiderman starts playing on the screen, business as usual. The warm summer air brushes across my skin as I sprawl out on a blanket, settling in.

With intensely unique comic book based visuals, I couldn’t take my eyes off the meticulously crafted film. The story was unlike any Spiderman I’ve seen before, and kept me wanting more with every second I watched. Free from my phone for the entire 1hr 57min, I rode through every emotion, from excited to scared to shocked to heartwarmed. It was so incredible, I’d watch it again in a heartbeat.

As the credits started to roll, I couldn’t help but reflect on the night.

Even something as simple as going to a free outdoor movie with friends can be an adventure. An event is just an event, but without you and your energy, it has no soul. You must bring the excitement to everything you do to ensure true enjoyment.

Life’s adventures don’t come to you, you must go out to find them.

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Not only that, but also, life is so unpredictable. A tree could fall on you at any moment without you having prepared for the unfortunate occasion. If something so tragic can happen when you’re savoring a sweet summer night in the park, why bother worrying in a high stress situation.

You might as well bask in delight instead of overthinking what tragedy life might cast on you.

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Focus only on what you can control within yourself, and let the rest flow around you like a rock amid a rapid river. If you can acknowledge how life can simultaneously be so terrifying and glorious all at once, then you can allow yourself to laugh more at the Universe’s insanity.

Appreciating all of what life is, not just the good, will allow your worries to eagerly melt away, leaving you with an everlasting, insurmountable sense of awe that seeps into every breath you take.

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It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)


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