A Day At The Lake

Updated: Jan 13

An honest, simple account of my day, Saturday, June 8th, 2019.

My heart is full today.

I am happy to be surrounded by my family.

I am happy to be breathing fresh air.

I’m happy to be eating good food, to be laughing, to be alive.

I am free.

I am grateful to live in America, I’m proud of who I’ve become, I’m content with my life.

YeAh???? WeLl ThAtS eAsY fOr YoU tO sAy. . .


But you see, I had all of this 5 years ago too, but I was miserable.

I was suicidal, I hated myself, I had no healthy relationships.

I had all of this then, but my heart was far from full.

My circumstances didn’t change, I did.

I’m so thankful I went on that journey so I could learn how to enjoy my life.

I can now appreciate spending time with people I love.

I’m not stressed about work on Monday or about how I look.

I’m not scared to get on the paddleboard and risk falling in the ice cold water.

I am free.

I am living life.

I’m at peace with the present moment.

I can smile and know that everything is okay.

Any challenge that comes my way, I can handle it, because I have taken care of me first.

I’m not ashamed to smile and to bask in life’s greatness.

Today, I wholeheartedly choose to be me.

It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)

It's the Depression for Me (Paperback)


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