6 Life Lessons from a 22 Year Old

Updated: Jan 13

6 life lessons to make your life 100% more enjoyable that I wrote about while living in Dublin.

#1 Nothing is as urgent as you think it is.

My job as a program leader entails running between 27 kids to help them build LEGO. Today was the first day out of 6 that I actually got overwhelmed and a bit aggravated.

I had 6 kids asking me to help them all at the same time and I could barely keep up with the demand. I could have let the overwhelm take over, but instead I took a deep breath and realized… they can wait.

Often when working with kids, you want to address their needs as soon as possible to avoid meltdowns. Instead of freaking out and not efficiently helping anyone, I told the kids to wait and I would get to them when I could. This required a little more patience on their end, but everything worked out just fine.

Next time you think something is urgent and you’re stressing to get it done, take a step back. Ask yourself - “If I don’t address this in the next 5 minutes will the world end? Will anyone get seriously hurt?” If the answer is no, then breathe and take your time. You will be more efficient with a calm, focused mind anyways.

#2 Just play! Embrace your inner child.

Be silly and have fun for no reason at all. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point of anything?

Today was a perfect day. It made me so happy. I was leading a kid’s camp and we were outside for break. The sun was shining, the kids were laughing, and I was getting chased by a mob of children.

I felt like nothing else mattered in the world. I forgot about all of my overwhelm and was free. I was running and laughing, surrounded by children who were radiating so much light and positivity.

Once you can learn how to handle the difficult parts of working with kids, it’s pure bliss. They make you laugh and they invite you into their world of creativity. If you’re looking to be happier, live more like a kid and PLAY.

#3 If you’ve made a decision to do something, don’t spend the entire time feeling guilty about it.

This will destroy you… worrying about anything other than the present is bad news. I see this a lot in college students who are out at an event, but won’t shut up about the paper they have to finish. The way I see it, if you’re so concerned about the damn paper, then go write the paper. What’s the point of being out with your friends if all you’re thinking about is the work you have to finish.

My secret is, once you’ve made the decision to do something, accept it and embrace it fully. If you’re not giving it your all and getting the most out of it, then what’s the point?

Once you make a decision, give your whole self to the task at hand and embrace the present moment fully.

#4 Listen to your body.

Your body knows what it’s doing. Appreciate that and listen to what it’s telling you.

I am blessed and cursed with a super sensitive body that lets me know when I haven’t taken care of it 100% correctly. Only got 5 hours of sleep? Okay you’ll spend the next morning throwing up. Ate a cookie with dairy in it? Cool, here’s some more acne. Didn’t drink a crazy large amount of water today? Let the headache and nausea sink in.

For years, I hated having a body like this and for being self aware enough to recognize it. I wished I could be like everyone else and just eat junk food without noticing the consequences. But… I’ve learned to love that my body is like this.

I’ve become so much more healthy and loving of myself because of it. Can you imagine if our bodies didn’t give us clues about what is good and bad for us? We’d probably be dead by now.

I’ve learned that resisting these messages from your body only makes everything get worse. Your body knows what it’s doing, so give it some credit and listen to it!

#5 Friendships take time to develop. Don’t limit their potential.

I’m the sort of person who knows when I meet someone if I want to see them again. I have a good sense of if I’ll get along with them or not. While I’m usually right in my gut, I’m not able to predict how close I’ll get with someone.

Last night I truly connected with a few girls I have been hanging out with. I never thought we would be that close, so it surprised me.

Be open to the possibility of someone playing a part in your life. You don’t know where a relationship/friendship will lead to try to let go of expectations and accept it for what it is.

#6 Don’t waste your time wishing for something else.

Sometimes things don’t work out, and that’s okay. Whether it be with friendships, relationships, jobs, if it ain’t working, it ain’t working. It’s your job to either make it work for you or go find something that will work.

If you stay in a bad situation, it's likely going to stay exactly the same forever (or even get worse) unless you do something to change it. Don't waste your time complaining. Assess the situation and take action. Rip off the bandaid, possibly disappoint others and do what’s best for you. Your freedom and happiness is paramount.

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