5 Ways to Navigate Feedback

Self-judgment and external criticism are two inevitable factors that you will run into on your entrepreneurial journey. Here is a checklist of 5 things you can do if they are getting too overwhelming.

1. Be On Offense, not Defense

  • Actively seek out feedback from specific people

  • Find believable people, ones who have a good track record with their advice

  • Ask these people with high believability to not sugarcoat their feedback, so that you get the real truth

2. Tell self-Destructive voices to go away

  • Every time these voices come up, say "Hey, we don't do that anymore."

  • This might not eradicate them, but it will stop the spiral of negative thoughts

3. Find the root of your self-criticisms

  • A lot of the time, our self-criticism are not ours, but actually inherited from family members

  • Figure out where you inherited these thoughts from

4. Befriend the one critic who matters

  • There are going to be so many critics that come at you during your journey

  • The only critic that matters is the one in your head

  • Make peace with yourself as a critic, and find a balance so you aren't too hard on yourself

5. Don't accept every compliment and criticism

  • When you internalize all compliments, you then give the compliment giver the same authority to determine your worth from criticisms

  • There's no need to internalize all compliments from others. By not doing so, it will help you to not internalize all the negative criticism as well

Keep in mind:

"If you are asking someone more successful than you for feedback, and you argue with them, they will never give you honest feedback again."

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