3 Ways to Increase Your Focus

Once you have a clear idea of what your passions and purpose are, a big challenge can be having enough focus to actually achieve your goals. With any goal, you will need an extreme level of focus to make it happen. Here's how to cultivate this immensely important skill.

If you are in the part of your journey where you feel like you are pushing a boulder up a mountain, that may be difficult, but it is even more impossible if you are trying to push 10 boulders up at once. Find your one thing to focus on in order to push your mission forward each day. "Focus is saying no to both bad and good ideas, so that you have the ability to focus on the really great one."

3 Ways to Increase Your Focus:

1. Know where you are in your journey

  • There are times for intense focus or for intense possibility, you need to cultivate awareness for which gear you need to be in.

  • If you need to be in an extremely focused gear, recognize that and act accordingly.

2. Train your mind to focus like an Olympic athlete

  • In order to have extreme focus, you must actively create a lifestyle the way an athlete trains their body.

  • Experiment what works for you to find your best mindset.

3. Have regular check ins with yourself

  • Check in on your thoughts, emotions, and actions weekly or monthly.

  • Are you on track? Has your focus turned into desperation?

Best Quotes

"Before you can even talk about fulfilling your dream, you must take care of yourself."

"Focus is a tool, not a should."

"The goal isn't to get to the top of THE mountain, it's get to the top of YOUR mountain."

Best of Q&A


If you have a full-time job and work on your passion on the side, is your focus too split?

Yes, but sometimes that is all you can do. Unfortunately, you can't feed yourself on your dream, you need money to buy food. If you like your job, and are satisfied working on your dream on the side, there is no rush; don't worry and just keep going.

If you have enough money to take care of yourself, are at a job that you hate, and have a clear passion and purpose, then wtf are you still doing there. Focus on your dream.


Can you focus on multiple things at once?

Yes, and that's what some people do. But, undeniably if you are focusing on only one thing, that one thing is going to be of much better quality.


How do you choose what one thing to focus on?

Read The One Thing and work on these exercises:

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