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  • Maeve Ronan

3 Ways to Be Less Awkward Instantly

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Feeling awkward sucks. Whether it’s tripping up the stairs, not knowing what to say in a conversation, or feeling insecure, awkward is probably a word you know too well. What can you do about it?

In this blog post, you’ll find three very simple ways to be less awkward instantly. There are more long-lasting strategies you can use to build up self-esteem and conversation skills, but these tips are perfect for when you need an instant confidence boost.

#1 Smile

Even if you feel like you're about to die, just smile.

When you smile, it does two things:

  • Convinces your brain you’re happy

  • Convinces others you’re enjoyable around

If you smile, you seem more at ease and your brain won’t freak out about the situation as much. It helps you stay composed and move on from the awkward moment sooner.

#2 Keep your shoulders back & chin up

Hold your dignity and have good posture, this will also convince your body that you are fine. There is no need to hide your face or slump in your chair as if you are trying to disappear. Stay steady, stay calm, and let the moment pass.

#3 Act as if