3 Tools for Unforgettable Marketing & Branding

Marketing and branding are essential to attract people so that you can help them achieve their goals.

1. Know your customer better than they know themselves

Don't just do what you think is best. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and reverse engineer it: What does that person want? What are they looking for?

This doesn't just apply for someone you are trying to sell a product to, but even for your social media audience or potential book publishers. Get inside of their head, know what they are thinking, and base your marketing off of that.

2. Engineer your personal brand

When it comes to your personal brand, craft exactly what you want people to take away. Most people don't have the time to really get to know you, so whatever they see in front of them is what they will take away. It's especially important to go where your audience is and know exactly what they are looking for on that platform.

3. Go to the edge

Don't wait for someone to tell you what you are, define it for yourself. You want to be "the youngest, the best, the first," choose a phrase that really sets you apart from the rest. This is especially important if you don't have a track record yet. Once you say it, people will look up if it's true, and then they will start publishing it.

Start small at first, and find a very specific niche that you can be the best at. You can experiment if you aren't sure at first, and just go with whatever feels good. Then, as you grow, you can go even further to the edge. This doesn't mean you have to necessarily be the craziest or most controversial, you just want something that makes a statement.

This post is in relation to Alex Banayan's Third Door Mentor Sessions.

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