2 Ways to Increase Your Motivation

How much you truly care about your goals will dictate what you are willing to do in order to make them happen. If there were a $5 bill in a burning building, would you go in to get it? Probably not. But, if it were the love of your life, there is a much higher chance that your desire would be strong enough to take that chance to save them.

If we want to achieve our goals, we must view them like the love of our life, not the $5 bill, as illustrated in that example. Today in the Third Door Mentor Sessions, we learned how to sharpen up our motivation and resiliency skills. When the going gets tough, we must really be in tune with our desires, so that we have the strength to reach the finish line.

During times of turbulent change and uncertainty, here are two things to help get through it.

1. Turn up the volume of your goals

  • There will always be external forces, whether it's societal expectations or negative criticisms, working to dim down your goal. Your job is to actively turn back up the volume on your goal.

  • How can you do this? Put pictures and phrases of your goal wherever you can see them. Talk with friends and family about it, journal about it, put it into the universe as much as you can.

2. Uncover your subconscious object of desire

  • Every story has a conscious and subconscious object of desire, and it is always the subconscious that perseveres. Basically, why you think you are going after a goal probably isn't why you actually are.

  • Your conscious object of desire is likely similar to your purpose, maybe something like, "Be the mentor I wish I had." On the flip side, your subconscious object desire may be something like, "I want to be heard."

  • This will take time to understand, and there is no reason to feel rushed. In order to find this hidden reason why you are chasing after your goal, ask yourself introspective questions and spend time journaling.

Best Quotes

"You have more control over what your mind focuses on than you think."

"Abandon the intention of having perfect desires and goals. You are a human, it is okay to have selfish goals."

"If you do not understand your subconscious object of desire, you will give up fast."

"What will help you persevere the most when times are tough is being extremely focused on your goals and truly understanding your desires."

This post is in relation to Alex Banayan's Third Door Mentor Sessions.

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